Pontoon Las Palmas
  These are just some of the boats lined up on a pontoon in Las Palmas. All the boats are dressed overall with signal flags and it made an impressive site.

Pontoon Las Palmas
  Another shot of our pontoon. As the departure date loomed it was mayhem as crews arrived and stores were delivered. Immediately before departure you could almost smell the nervous tension - most of us had been there a few weeks and we just wanted to start.

  Anybody got a Dorado recipe?

The shirt
  Hello Barbara. Yes, he did wear it.

Sartorial elegance
  And how about this for a fashion statement?

Twin headsails
  Sailing with poled-out twin headsails and Adrian at the bow.

Reefed mizzen
  The view looking back from the bow with the main sail down, to give the twins clean air, and a reef in the mizzen. It was quite windy when the pictures were taken and the mizzen was reefed to stop the boat being pushed to windward.

  Sailing in the tropics isn't all done in T-shirt and jeans. I'm coming off the 04.00 to 08.00 watch and you can tell how much the boat is rocking and rolling by the way I'm holding on. Which also explains the slightly blurred picture.

  Very shortly after we arrived in St Lucia - and were we happy? You wouldn't have prised the rum and beer out of Mike's hands with a crowbar.

  Another arrival picture with Adrian talking to the World Cruising folks in yellow shirts and a local guy in the blue shirt playing a steel drum. Meantime I appear to jumping about like a lunatic. No, I'm alright really, doctor.

Both the arrival pictures were taken by Duncan and Inge from Anam Cara, our thanks go to them.